Xavi names Real Madrid favorites for Copa title.

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Xavi Hernandez has put the pressure on Real Madrid by naming Carlo Ancelotti’s side as favorites to win this football season’s Copa del Rey.

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez hailed Real Madrid as a difficult opponent to play against and named Whites as Copa del Rey favourites. Before the two teams face each other. In the first leg of the semi-final this Thursday. According to a report from ‘Diario Sport’ on Wednesday. 

Barcelona have lost two games in a row against Manchester United in the Europa League. followed by a defeat to Almeria in the Liga stage. Before the Azulgra team is expected to travel to the stadium ‘Santiago Bernabeu’ on Thursday. UFABET

‘They are very difficult opponents. They don’t have the ball in a lot of situations. But they have short periods where they dominate you. And in the transition they head to your door. They are very difficult opponents on their pitch.’

Xavi said.

‘In the league they beat us well. And we beat them well in the Super Cup, I think it will settle in the second leg. It’s a golden opportunity to reach the final and win the title.’

The Azul Grana coach also humbled himself by citing Real Madrid as a favorite team that has the opportunity to win this title. ‘We are playing for the title, Madrid are still the favorites. Because they are champions of La Liga and Champions League. They are very difficult opponents. And they are in a good moment, Madrid are the favourites.’

‘My argument is that Madrid have won the last few titles and we are in the process of building that. We won one title. and contend with them Playing extraordinary football’ 

‘But it’s Madrid, they’re competing, they beat Liverpool and we have to be honest. We have the tools to hurt them too. we have shown And I saw two games that were evenly matched.’ 

Xavi also explained how he beat his arch-rivals Madrid. ‘We have to be more of a team than ever. Whether defensive, offensive or tactical in these games small details can make a difference’

‘We have to be very brave, unique. And lose as little possession as Vinicius, Valverde, Rodrigo, Benzema can hurt you. It was a game where we had to use the same style of play we did in the Super Cup.’

When asked about how the latest defeat had affected the mentality of the Azulgrana team, Xavi replied: ‘It’s a different race. It has nothing to do with the last 2 games and in this match. we are doing very well We have to change our minds. And this is a great opportunity to respond.’