Greenwood increased his money despite not playing for years.

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The Sun reports that Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood bankroll continues to grow despite not playing for more than a year.

The 21-year-old has been banned from the club since January last year. After his girlfriend accused him of assault and sexual harassment. until all charges were dismissed in February.

However, the British media say Greenwood is still receiving £75,000 from the Red Devils on a weekly basis. And although this is not in the photos of the club’s new home shirt for next season. Still have money in his pocket all the time from his image licensing company UFABET 

A report by TSM Sports shows Greenwood’s earnings rose to £1.05m from £740,000 last year. In which he has a name of 75 percent of the company’s shares

As for the future of the players, the club will decide this summer. While the player is convinced that he may not play for United again after earlier reports that he had rented out a house in Cheshire.

It was reported that although Eric Ten Hag wanted Greenwood to show his personal potential during this pre-season. But there are reports that Greenwood wants to move out of Old Trafford. With information revealing that. Atalanta, the famous team in Italy has reached a preliminary agreement with the players. And are expect to meet in Italy on Tuesday.