Aaron Moy retired as a Celtic at just 32 year old.

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Australian midfielder Aaron Moy, who played in the English Premier League for Huddersfield and Brighton has announced his retirement at just 32 year old. With his last club joining Celtic FC.

The saturation of being involved in the football industry as a teenager is a major cause. As for the knee pain problem that. Caused him to miss the final curve of the 2022-23 season, it was another factor.  

“One heart felt sad that he had to stop playing football. But in my heart, I felt that it was the right time for myself.” Casting through the website ‘Green-White Zebra’

“It has been my fortune to have enjoyed a wonderful career over the past 15 years, creating many wonderful memories.” 

“I wish Celtic to continue to be great. And hope that the new team manager. Brendan Rodgers will be a great success with a great group of players. Our comrades at the club.” 

“Serving for the national team is another thing that I love too. And, of course would miss that atmosphere. Including many personnel who participated ” 

“Thanks again to everyone. for supporting me throughout my career in this great game.” 

Aaron Moy came to train with the Bolton youth. But didn’t get into the big set. Therefore returning to form the A-League Australia name with Western Sydney Wanderers and Melbourne City FC, a City Football Group team. 

Leading to the bridge of joining Manchester City, but did not have the opportunity to enter the field Gradually create a name that Huddersfield and Brighton UFABET

Then the pulse landed again in Shanghai Port and returned to the United Kingdom under Celtic FC in the final season, pressing the domestic triple championship. 

While on behalf of the Australian national team, he played 57 matches.